Q: Where can I find unbiased news?


It would be great if there were one news organization out there where you could find completely unbiased news every day. The truth is, there isn’t. Absolute objectivity is a myth, and the best way to find fair and accurate information is to have a varied news diet and make finding the truth your goal. This means exposing yourself to news outlets that challenge your own biases and looking for verification, independence and accountability in every story.

That said, check out this media bias chart above from Ad Fontes Media, a company founded in 2018 by Vanessa Otero, dedicated to “making news consumers smarter and news media better.” Ad Fontes came up with these rankings by looking at individual articles, shows and stories, and then analyzing the pictures, headlines, sentences, and words. In its latest survey, the Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg were the top three most neutral news sources.